A picture of me making this page! I have been interrested in computers for a long time, and when I was offered to make my own page I was thrilled. It feels good to finally become a cyberdog.

The teamcar.
This was my car. The people I live with bought it for me because Im soooo incredibly cute. (That must have been the reason!)

-What a horrible invention. They do this to me everytime were going to a dogshow. -This is clearly dog abuse! Im sure.

This is where I live. In the beautiful little community Bengtsfors. It is situated in the Dalsland region in western Sweden.

This is me and Diana resting in the shades at a dogshow...

This is me barking. Diana told me to bark so ofcourse I did! I'm such an obidient dog....

Finally I can have the bed to myself!
I really love to sleep late.
It's a doggy thing I guess!

Me and Diana at the World Dog Show in Helsinki
(Finland) in -98.
I was fifth in the Championclass.

(Sorry about the dark picture..)