On this page you'll find my human family.
If you want to see my Dog relatives you have to go to the Relatives page!

This is my owner Diana. She and I go to dogshows together.
She also helped me a bit on my homepage...
She says I'm the most beautiful dog in the whole world. I guess I'll have to believe her!!

This is Stig but I call him "Husse". He is the one who's away the most and therefor I miss him everytime he goes to work...

And this is Kerstin.
Kerstin is the one who walks with me. Although she has shortened the walks remarkably,
I like her.
She takes me on adventures in the wood. On our walks we see elks, deers, badgers and a whole lot more!

Our beloved Micke. We miss you... (1972-1999)