My friends Max, Jesse and Tigger!

Max, Jesse and Tigger.
Max is the oldest and he's a bit on pension time now.
Jesse is now 4 years old and is all in the game of every dogsport there is. He's in obedience, agility and flyball and likes it a lot.
Tigger is the smallest one and is starting agility just now. He is still a bit goofy in this sport. He does like obedience though...
They live in the Netherlands.


My friend Marja!

She likes to chase the gardenhose and squirells. She also likes to go for walks.
She has a catfriend who's called Djingis who doesn't like her as much as she likes him.
She's into agility and has tried a bit of tracking(??) which she thought was fun.
She lives in Sweden.

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My friends Penny and Holmes!

Penny and Holmes
They enjoy traveling around and making new friends.
They both have a great sense of humor and love to play. Penny likes to dress up, although to Holmes, dressing up is like a death sentence.
They live in the USA.


My friend Rusty!

Rusty is a Kelpie - German Shepherd Cross. He lives on a farm with his buddy Butch Kelpie. He loves swimming in the creek and chasing the cows about the place.
He catches rabbits and once killed a snake, he's frightened of bulls, the old farmer next door and the tractor.
He lives in Australia.


My friend Zak!

Zak is an irish soft-coated wheaten terrier. He likes to play with tennisballs. His favorite food is cheese. Every night he sleeps upside down with his legs in the air in the bathroom. Every year he has a birthday party with all of his friends.
He lives in the USA??.


My friends Robi and Rina!

Robi and Rina
Robi and Rina are irish soft-coated wheaten terriers. Their favorite hobby is swimming.
Rina loves to chase birds and Robi loves to chase bitches.
Rina eats absolutely everything - peanuts, orange juice, apples, paper, garbage etc. Robi has agility and obedience as a hobby. Rina is just beginning to practice the basics of obedience.
They live in Finland.


My friends Lotta and Cherie!

Lotta and Cherie
Lotta and Cherie are my next door neighbours.
They are usually called "The girls" and I run to the window closest to me when I hear anything that sounds like it!
I have always adored them.
Lotta is the black lady, she's the nicest one to talk to! Cherie really has the nicest color of them but she's bit frightned of me!
They live in Sweden.

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My friend Mimmi!

In this picture she is standing at her
favourite spot to see if anyone or
anything is coming. Especially deers!!
If her owner happens to have a
tasty plant she will take a bite.
She lives in Sweden.

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