The Standard
- Read about wheatens in the FCI standard.

   Kelly, Eamonn & Terraquin
- A swedish wheaten and his friends.
   The SCWT Club of America.
- American wheaten breeder.
   Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wheatens
- A Canadian Wheaten page.
- A Swedish Wheaten breeder.
   Blue's Homepage
- Fun Wheaten page.
- A Swedish Wheaten breeder.
- About a Wheaten and his friends.
   Marley's page!
- An Australian wheaten's homepage.
   The Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers of Riverrun
- Compare American and Irish Wheatens.
   Van Bodasca
- Dutch wheaten breeder.
   Freddie -The dog!
- A swedish wheatens homepage.
   Cabaret Wheatens
- American wheaten breeder.

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