On this page you'll find my human family.
If you want to see my Dog relatives you have to go to the Relatives page!

This is my owner Diana. She and I go to dogshows together.
She also helped me a bit on my homepage...
She says I'm the most beautiful dog in the whole world. I guess I'll have to believe her!!

This is my favourite person in the whole world, Henrik! (And me offcourse!)
He likes to play with me. Sometimes he just misses me so much he just has to come visit me. Before he met me he didn't even like dogs!

This is Stig but I call him "Husse". He is the one who's away the most and therefor I miss him everytime he goes to work...

And this is Kerstin.
Kerstin is the one who walks with me. Although she has shortened the walks remarkably,
I like her.
She takes me on adventures in the wood. On our walks we see elks, deers, badgers and a whole lot more!

Our beloved Micke. We miss you... (1972-1999)